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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 18, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hanson and cambridge. you can clearly see the final in the picture. we will show you how tornadoes form and offer tips on how to keep your family safe. it is all on =, click on weather. >> which measuring stick is the right one? it is intended to be a whole new approach to a big problem. and buildings. ns >> city hall is claiming success, but most of those were already in the works. >> the program is called bacon to value. it is billed as a much-improved effort to fill city buildings. the results we've owned are mixed. the success stories include old deals, too. >> imagine this as your neighbor. tical all of these houses in
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this condition for more than 10 years. >> nearly a whole block of vacant houses of pennsylvania avenue and west baltimore. >> i would like for them to come and develop the block. >> six weeks ago the city settled on a sale to a contractor. his plan is to read have them at a cost of $85,000 apiece. the deal is on one of the success stories of the new vacant to value program. >> your persistence. >> it is touted as a new and improved processes to do something with thousands of begins owned by the city. >> i think it is going great. we have streamlined the process. we is seeing a doubling of the activity compared to last year with a third less staff. >> the city provided this list of bacon stew about us' sales. they date to last july and total 116 properties in 34
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deals. included are deals like this. devolution and we have. activity has been in the works for several years. it is all related to the development of biotech park at the university of maryland. two properties make up a vacant lot. the deal to expose of it is expected in june of 2008. seven properties make up this vacant lot. the city sold it to a vacant church to use in the short-term as a parking lot. that date fields but -- they expected 2009. more than half the deal start before this deal. >> off unfortunately our track record -- unfortunately our track record under the prior administration, the way we were handling the program, that is what was happening. we were getting them to a certain point and then stalling.
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>> to date, just one of the nearly 300 properties listed had actually sold. it is this house, not in bad shape, in a historic community of marble hill. >> the housing commissioner says it is too early to judge the effectiveness. the city is using $900 citations in some cases to get privately- owned of bacon's fixed up. 85 have been issued in eight neighborhoods. >> thank you. you may think you are paying too much for water right now, but the city says you will be paying 9% more tomorrow. >> it is hard to believe that has not been a year since the last rate hike, on june 10 of last year. starting tomorrow water bills in the city and surrounding counties will jump 9%. there is controversy surrounding this bill as many feel the
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estimated billing process is to blame for the hike. >> while the board of estimate approved a 9% hike for water and sewer rates, the boat was anything but unanimous. the major voted yes. council member young abstained. kraft voted no. -- pratt voted no. >> it is impossible for one person to have to water bills that total over $800. >> she voiced concerns over estimated billing system. she feels this may be the source of the water bureau's money woes. protesters agreed. >> do not estimate what it is. >> the mayor defended her vote say not only our water rates low, but work is being done to fix the estimated billing problem. >> we will figure out a way to
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reduce the readings, but at the end of the day, baltimore has one of the lowest water rates in the region, despite having to pay for millions and millions of dollars in federal-mandated improvements. . >> the current family of four currently pays $245. that new rate would be $268 and 21 cents for a difference of $22.16. in baltimore county, increases will be passed on through the city county agreements. in brouwer county rates would one rise a dime per unit. the unit is equivalent to 748 gallons per water. >> the bureau headset's automated meter readings
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will be installed. live in the studio, wbal-tv 11 news. >> terrifying time for students in prince george's county this morning when a doll got on the bus and attacked several of them. -- when a dog got on the bus and attacked several of them. when the bus arrived, the children boarded and so did the dog. that is when the dog attack and scratched four students. >> i tried to go in the car. that is when the dog came on the bus and bit me. >> he was like biting people. i guess they were scared, and he just started biting people. >> one of the children had to have stitches. police eventually shot and killed the dog.
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>> barre would state police honor troopers who have given their lives in the line of duty. -- of baltimore state police honored troopers who have given their lives in the line of duty. among the speakers, corporate philip nicholson. his son, michael, his nephew is now recruit in the academy. >> a local contractor accused of taking money without finishing the work walked out of court a free man today. barry sims is live in has more on why the judge decided to throw this case out. >> the judge said she had no doubt a number of bad things happen to the families involved in this case, but she said not every bad thing is a crime. >> the felony case against the former contractor is over. the judge tossed it out based on
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previous case law and the issue of intent. the defense argued the state did not prove the state intended to steal from homeowners. >> i am not surprised with the verdict in this case. it was pretty clear this was going to be a civil matter. the prosecution claims he had an awareness of what he could in could not accomplish. the prosecutor said he just went too far. he ran into a crisis. he had a cash flow problem. there was money there. you cannot go to them, lie to them come and tap -- take the money and not use it the way it was intended to use. >> he was up front to them with what was going on. intent is critical for the state to prove this in this situation. the state had to prove that my
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client had the intent to steal. it was insurmountable in this particular case. >> i am disappointed in the outcome. i understand the law is written as intent. >> she is one of more than one doesn't homeowners who filed complaints against him. -- one dozen homeowners who filed complaints against him. y two complaints were part of this trial. he vows to keep fighting to change the law and contract language to show they must use the money for the purpose specified in the contract. >> i am hopeful we can continue on this path to make consumers better protected. contractors better business people and lawyers and courts not tied up.
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>> there is a lot of sadness for him. i think he feels incredibly sad that he let these people down, people he contacted with. i think he feels that this for himself and the fact that this was an ongoing business for him. this was how he supported his family. without that type of income, things have been rough for him and his family as well. ultimately there is sad is that these charges were brought in had to go through this ordeal. i suppose there is some relief, but i think there is also this residual feeling that he let these folks down, and that was never his intention. >> prosecutors released a statement saying they went into the case knowing there would be difficult hurdles, tbut actions merited the uppresult.
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>> celebrating 50 years on the job. a baltimore county woman honored by the police chief and county executive. find out how she got children to safety -- school safely all these years. >> the pianist -- preakness' post position draw throws a major question into animal kingdoms drop. >> right now sun breaking through the cloud coverage in baltimore. 73 degrees at the inner harbor. meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days.
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>> special honors for a crossing guard. she has been on the job for 50
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years. she was honored for her public service. the single mother of five said the job allowed her to spend more time with her five children, and nine grandchildren, and eight great- grandchildren. >> the 20 diet began as a class project, but the rope -- results were quite unexpected. >> we have all heard that junk food is bad for you and should stay away from it. one man went on the twinkie diet and lost weight. he ate mostly junk food, junk food of all varieties. >> anything you can find on a convenience store shelf was fair game i lost 27 pounds. >> he is the associate professor of nutrition. his cholesterol went down also.
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tonight at 11 why and how he did it. and how he is doing today. >> now your 11-insta weather forecast with tom tasselmire. >> a few spots sell some funnel clouds. here in baltimore right now we're in between showers and storms that roll through earlier. one batch of heavy showers now in parts of pennsylvania. that prompted the weather service to issue a tornado warning. that is now up in pennsylvania. also severe thunderstorms rolling through western pennsylvania. what we're keeping a close eye on now is another batch of strong to severe storms about to cross the potomac and go into st. mary's and charles county. this is a weather pattern that will probably not completely quiet down until sometime friday
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night. we are under severe than a storm watch because all of this is moving through and conditions are primed for severe thunderstorms. the weather service has issued a watch-out pattern. this is where a severe thunderstorm is ongoing now, the orange, yellow box. this is across the potomac come into prince charles county. the potential is there for more rough weather this evening, especially south of baltimore, in most locations are still prone to heavy downpours. a flood watch covers most of the state. officially less than an inch at the baltimore airport. some of these areas get flooded out, and most of the areas miss out on the rain. therefore is 71. the normal has made it to the 75 degree mark. record high as 97 on this day back in 1962. the rain is helping to watch -- watch the pollen out of the air. maybe that is a good side effect
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to cloudy, wet weather. no weed pollens account the day. 36. the first time we have seen the total count that low. back in the moderate range. the cool air is in the mountains. the slightly warmer air east of the mountains pushes all the way up to new york and parts of central and eastern new york. temperatures are in the low to mid 60's and eastern canada. so you can see this counterclockwise flow pulling the warmer air of the coast and cooler air on the backside of this storm. it is the warm part and it's wonderful to thunderstorms. that is where we are. temperatures in the 70's. some fault likely to former night because of the wet ground, light winds. as the temperatures cool a couple degrees, patchy, dense fog. tomorrow afternoon the showers and thunderstorms will break out once again. it is a repeat performance.
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east wind up 5 to 10 miles per hour. mostly cloudy skies and a little bit appalled. -- little big of fog. the system is slowly drifting to the northeast. it has taken all week to get to western virginia. it will take a couple more days to clear the region. right now the timing looks decent for the upcoming weekend. the scattered showers tomorrow and friday. friday night it clears out. saturday we expect sunshine. 7275 tomorrow. scattered showers and storms. winds will be like out of the southeast up five not. western maryland just some rain showers and 62. a little sun warms it just a little bit and triggers a thunderstorm. seven-day forecast. look at that weekend. after we get rid of the rain
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friday evening, skies began to clear. temperatures near 80 saturday and sunday with partly cloudy skies. >> now 11 sports. >> evening at the stakes barn. it is one of those special baltimore moments. you can see right over my shoulder some of the activity going on. that is shackle furred that finished fourth in the kentucky derby getting his evening bath. they are pampered. there are high-stakes the red for on saturday. animal kingdom will carry the triple crown hopes into saturday's race. courses like shock offered looking to upset the kentucky derby winner. -- horses like shackle ferford looking to upset the kentucky derby winner. all the forces in a full field
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believing they can beat animal kingdom. in we have the trainer of mutual macho man who finished third in the kentucky derby. a heart transplant recipient back in 2008. the 16 female trainer ever to raise in the kentucky derby. >> no one is going to enjoy this more than me. the horse is doing great. he brought us here. my family. it has been amazing for everyone. >> the horse has the female trainer. what a special lady she is. a lot of people will be pulling for mutual macho man because of her. -- for mucho macho man because of her. lady luck did not favor animal kingdom as they gathered in the horns -- in the infield to see where the horses would start on saturday.
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things did not favor animal kingdom. he drew the 11th post position. that is a bad sign, because only two horses have ever won out of that position. a triple crown winner has never won their. he is facing an uphill battle on saturday. >> normally you would like to be on the inside, but you could get bottled up here yen so he will have a good shot at it. >> here is how they will break from the gates saturday afternoon. on the inside it is astrology along the rail. schackelford will go at the no. 5 pi. midnight drawl but the best position. animal kingdom in the 11th post position. 11 through 14 are not positions
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that farewell in this race. animal kingdom going off with 2 to 1 odds. mr. , and faces the worst an faces the worse chances
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>> can add twinkie every day actually melt the pans away? -- can a twinkie every day actually melt the pounds away? those stories. plus, did a tornado touched down in maryland?>> seven-day forecal
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holding onto showers and thunderstorms. possibility of severe storms. a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9:00. finally, the weekend things right out and look nice. temperatures on saturday and sunday within a couple degrees of 80. >> perfect scenario for the preakness. >> nbc nightly news coming up next. >> of thank you for joining us. we will see you back here
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tonight at 11. tonight at 11. [captioning ma
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